National Boating Federation

Frequently Asked Questions about NBF

Question: What is the organizational structure of the NBF?

Answer: Several structures are possible, but working at the "grass roots" level has proven to be straightforward and effective. The NBF is a nonprofit organization. For additional information, click on the button titled "History and Purpose."

Question: When are the issues addressed by the NBF?

Answer: Constantly, in the literal sense. There are committees working every day in one area or another - getting through a message on an issue, putting together a publication, working on budget problems or any of the other mundane tasks that are all performed with strictly volunteer labor. Most of the issues surface at the meeting of the NBF Executive Committee. They are presented by a NBF officer or committee person as a result of being in contact with a member organization seeking help with a problem. Preliminary work is done to determine if it is an issue of general concern to other member organizations. Then, when appropriate, the NBF takes "Position" on the matter and works toward a resolution.

On standing issues, the interaction takes place with information and requests up and back from the Board and NBF Committees. Member organizations send representatives to the NBF meetings. There they learn the problems and activities underway by the NBF. Thus, they take a wealth of information back to his or her club for dissemination to the individuals who are concerned.

Question: Where is the NBF headquartered?

Answer: NBF does not have an official Headquarters, per se. NBF has a mailing address in Annapolis, Maryland that is accessed by our Legislative Director. The President and Officers usually work from their home offices in various parts of the USA.

Question: Who are members of NBF and how does a club join?

Answer: Click here to see a list of the 24 Regular Members of the NBF, yacht club members and affiliated boating groups. (Link to Member Page)

Click here to submit an application for membership in NBF.

Question: How does the NBF bring resolution to its issues?

Answer: There is a constant stream of meetings and discussions with Senators, House Representatives, and staff personnel along with various letters and publications addressing the issue. But the underlying strength of the NBF is the PARTICIPATION of so many affiliated boating organizations, clubs and hard-working individuals. It can take countless hours to pursue each issue to resolution and the issues would surely be lost without the dedicated people who sacrifice their personal time in support of the NBF.

Question: Why have an organization such as the NBF?

Answer: Unfortunately, the recreational boater retains the "FAT CAT" image that is hard to break. This leads to constant attempts by government to impose higher taxes, more restrictions, greater bureaucratic control, etc., while reducing the services already well paid for. It takes a dedicated organization such as the NBF to serve as the voice of the boating community. If the NBF was not there to look out for us, the pleasure boater is sure to quickly and permanently suffer.