National Boating Federation

History & Purpose

Founded in 1966, the National Boating Federation (NBF) is the largest nationwide alliance of recreational boating organizations, a non-profit 510 (c)(3) organization. The Federation is composed of boating and yacht clubs and their associations representing over 2,000,000 of America's recreational boaters.

NBF promotes safe boating through education, acts as a legislative watchdog and advocates for favorable boating legislation, regulations and best management practices.

The membership represents no commercial interests and sells no products. The Officers and Directors are all volunteers with strong backgrounds in all aspects of recreational boating.

Over the years, it has become evident to many other nationwide organizations that support of the National Boating Federation is in the best interests of all recreational boaters. Our Associate membership continues to grow with the realization that, despite slightly different perspectives, we share a mutual deep concern for the well being of our waterways and their best use.

The Executive Committee recently reaffirmed our position as a volunteer watchdog and educational organization. We welcome your support and donations with the clear understanding that we value our independence above all other considerations.

Our efforts continue to bear fruit. In the recent past, we have rewritten the definition of "consideration" which now permits you to share some of your racing and cruising costs with willing friends. We led the outcry over fuel storage regulations and participated in the final rule writing which, unadulterated, would have closed most recreational marine fuel docks, and their pump-out amenities. We continue to insist that pump-out facilities be policed by that agency which permits their construction. Recently, we have strenuously argued for continuation and upgrading of Loran C. Our stringent support for full funding of the Wallop-Breaux trust fund (our fuel taxes) and inflatable life preservers has been successful. Our comments are heard and carefully considered by such diverse agencies as the Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and of course, the Halls of Congress.

Many of recreational boating's biggest battles must be fought in our nation's capital, where boating organizations should speak with one voice. In over 35 years of continuous service, our volunteers still advocate recreational boater's interests before Congress and federal agencies. Conversely, our officers, and directors, vast and varied experience is available to lend counsel and assistance with local issues, when requested.

Since its inception, the National Boating Federation has advocated and supported the education of all boaters, and applauds the dedicated volunteers who teach so many, so effectively. Behavioral research and accident statistics bear ample proof that the vast majority of boating accidents are directly attributable to inattention and lack of common sense; neither of these causes can be cured by legislation.

You can count on your National Boating Federation's continuing commitment to the wise and direct use of YOUR tax dollars for YOUR benefit... be it adequate access to our lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, the right of passage and or anchoring, concomitant with our prudent exercise of those rights.

The LOOKOUT, official publication of the National Boating Federation, the NBF eBulletin and the e-Lert system keeps our members, as well as Congress, Coast Guard Districts, state boating officials, and other boating publications abreast of pending rules and legislation of interest or concern to recreational boaters.

Membership in the National Boating Federation has enjoyed steady growth spanning the continent form Canada to Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. We invite and encourage input and direction for all our members. We welcome YOUR participation.